Saturday, 20 February 2016

About you

keep missing you...
just dont want to let you go...

Assalamualaikum guys..
i guess... he will never find my blog hahahahah
hes just cute and sweet to be with...
its almost 2 weeks in our relationship..
yeah i know,.... memanglah kan.. 2 weeks macam masii sweet2..
but i hope our relationship will remain the same...
im just afraid of losing him..

know what? i had a dreamt of him lastnight.. hahahaha
hes kinda cute in my dream..
but.. i donno what my the dream about,, hahaha
i just know that i had dreamt him..
if i remember.. i will tell u guys. okay? hahahaha

urmm,,, tyme first2 ngan dia kan..
mmg awkward lahh jugakk.. sebab dia kwn ex saya..
rasa sayang dekat dia tu... if u give 10.. i will just give 6/10
but.. now... yup i really love him...
the way he care bout me.. the way he talk to me,,,
the way he make me smile,,, whenever i think of himm..
its just sweet to say..

and yup,,, i had promise to always love him.
and i mean it,,,
i always do... and i hope i can keep it,,

and now i miss him already hahahahaha
btw,,, sy ni memang kuat cemburu..
sangat kuat cemburu hahaha
and whenever he talks about a girl,, yeah,
my heart just like had been shot by a gun hahaha
but... i trust him... and i hope he can be trusted too..

okay,, bye.. hahahahaha
gotta go,,, 
goodnight people.. love u 

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