Thursday, 29 October 2015


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
malam ne sedihhh gilaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
yup.. coz someone who always makes me feel happy..
and suddenly... want me to block its id...
for no reasons....
i donno..

so.. what can i do right?
if there's someone .. who dont want u tobe in their life...
what can u do? so just leave it
and find a another person...
lesson for today...
dont trust anybody... except your family.. 
trust me.. if u do trust someone? at the end.. u will feel regret...
i had experienced it many times,,
now... i will forget about our short memories...
although its hurt me a lot... what can i do?
i will just cure it.. 
and be happy wif my friends..
trust me... u will feel regret.. what have u done to me..
u make me like u... and at the end... u want me to hate u???
but thanks.. because... i will be careful to trust people now..
 bye guys.. love u...

there's sadness in my mind...
i hope i will find another person better.. intelligent and caring than u
u will feel regret .. trust me!!!

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